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Ross Wilson is a retired real estate broker with extensive experience as a brokerage owner, manager, trainer and mentor over a highly successful 44-year career. His book, The Happy Agent – Finding Harmony with a Thriving Realty Career and an Enriched Personal Life is available where print and e-books are sold, including the TREB, MREB, RAHB and OMDREB stores. Visit Realty-Voice.com.

Preparing for a showing: The cloak of invisibility

To improve market value, invite your sellers to participate in the marketing by transforming (and maintaining) their house into a professionally designed, decorated and furnished model home. Their extra effort will pay off.

A quick sale or a better sale

Now, some of this advice may not be timely during our current pandemic of fear. But it soon will be as this social madness reaches its inevitable conclusion, as it has always done in the past.

Coaching your sellers for a better sale

I feel it's still prudent to advise your seller to put their best foot forward by preparing their property – and themselves – properly.

Winning the listing: List or sell?

To win a listing, hungry, unprepared or unskilled agents sometimes succumb to a homeowner’s demand for what is an improbable sale price and proceed to pray for a miracle. It’s the easiest route, but rarely the wisest.

Winning the listing: Setting the list price

Price too high and there’s no interest from buyers. By setting the listing price lower, but still too high, your listing may get attention and showings, but buyers refuse to waste their time or risk insulting a homeowner.

Winning the listing: Wishful thinking

Most sellers hold unrealistically inflated opinions about their property – some ridiculously high. When assessing your own property, you’re no exception.

Winning the listing: The consultation

Think like an impartial buyer but consider the emotional element. Will the property enthuse or bore? In the final analysis, your ability to view objectively – and think on your feet – is where you justifiably earn a large portion of your fee.

Winning the listing: Arrange a range

Although CMA reports can vary in scope, from brief summaries to multi-page tomes, on paper or in pixels, a typical report will contain the following...

Presentation persuasion: Winning the listing

Before accepting an invitation to consult with a homeowner, it’s smart to discern why they want an evaluation. They may be serious about selling; if this be true, go for it.

Ethical closing techniques: Focus the objections

In this last in the series on the subject of ethical closing techniques, I address two final techniques that I usually employed successfully during my career.