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Robin Wilding is the creative mind behind The Lead Gen Factory and The Realtor Pipeline. The Lead Gen Factory is a boutique real estate online marketing company hyper-focused on lead generation; The Realtor Pipeline is a digital DIY platform showing Realtors how to generate online leads, lead conversion, Social Media Marketing, sales pipeline building, and more. She also leads The Realtor Pipeline Facebook group, a group for Realtors to learn new online techniques, technology and share best practices.

Using managed lead services

Managed lead services take lead-generating tools and online-marketing strategies and put them into hyperdrive. They take lead generation to another level by adding quantitative intelligence through A/B testing and critical analysis.

Why your website isn’t getting leads

Why do some succeed while most sites end up in the virtual-productivity graveyard? How do you figure out why your website isn't getting leads?

Is your website mobile-friendly?

In our increasingly mobile world, having a mobile website has become a necessity. Given that the average real estate agent’s website has about 15 per cent of its users visiting it from a mobile device, not having a mobile-friendly website is throwing away valuable users.

4 keys to using live chat to get live leads

Did you know that 65 per cent of online shoppers have engaged in a live chat at some point? That means the lions’ share of Internet-savvy users are engaging with vendors of products and services online.

Going mobile with your website: Statistics prove it’s a must-have

Mobile website statistics prove that the days of an optimized-for-mobile website being an up sell or a “nice to have” are over. If you’re not engaging your users on a mobile platform that caters to their needs, then you’re throwing away up to half the traffic that you worked hard to earn.
Truth about SEO

The hard truth about SEO

Real estate professionals across the country are confused about search engine optimization (SEO) – and rightfully so! Very few brokers and salespeople actually know what it is, or – more importantly – how it is accomplished.