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Robin Wilding is the creative mind behind The Lead Gen Factory and The Realtor Pipeline. The Lead Gen Factory is a boutique real estate online marketing company hyper-focused on lead generation; The Realtor Pipeline is a digital DIY platform showing Realtors how to generate online leads, lead conversion, Social Media Marketing, sales pipeline building, and more. She also leads The Realtor Pipeline Facebook group, a group for Realtors to learn new online techniques, technology and share best practices.

Get more leads from your website

Earning leads from your real estate website isn’t magic – it’s science. Asking for the business is a well-known concept in offline real estate lead generation, but you need to ask for it online too.

How to write your “about me” bio, and why it’s important

If a potential client reads your short bio, a.k.a. the “about me”’ page of your website, will it sway them from the competition? Or will it land you firmly in the middle of the crowd?

Performing a branding effectiveness analysis

The effectiveness of your branding can be determined by examining a myriad of factors and asking questions while you look at your website, social profiles and logo.

8 reasons to advertise on Facebook

Facebook ads are a great advertising resource for real estate professionals. However, it isn’t easy. You need to try out a few concepts to figure out what works for you.

Should you be blogging?

Blogging has become as much of a buzzword as “hash tags”. But much like hash tag, many people don’t really understand the purpose of it. Realtors are told "you should blog." But why?

How to be a branded real estate rock star

Your branding will be your first – and possibly last – impression with someone. That makes branding a critical part of your marketing strategy. And it needs to be powerful.

More leads from your website: Lead generation forms

Imagine hosting an open house where you don’t ask for a follow up. You’d be missing opportunity. Same with online. Earning leads online is about asking for the business and the way to do that is through lead-generation forms.

A real estate online marketing showdown

Should you go with SEO, PPC, SMM or some other three-letter acronym? To help demystify the Rubik’s Cube of online marketing, let’s break down Realtors’ online marketing and advertising options.

How to use Facebook ads to generate leads

Many of you are probably on Facebook and hoping to generate leads through your posts and contacts, but there’s another way: Facebook ads.

5 steps to skyrocket website leads

There are a number of steps to getting more leads from your website. The first two are absolutely necessary. The remaining three are ways to improve your results.