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An international speaker, author and business coach, Richard Robbins’ organization is designed to share the most advanced real estate business-building systems with the world. Armed with one goal: To help real estate agents build a business and life they love.

Richard Robbins: A look at the Toronto market’s third quarter

Richard Robbins takes a deep dive into the Toronto real estate market’s third quarter and offers some suggestions that will help sales reps with their presentations.

5 non-negotiables for productive time off

I want to help give you back control of your free time without sacrificing your business productivity. Implement these five must-do’s and start enjoying some guilt-free time off while maintaining productive business.

10 ideas to deliver the unexpected to your buyers

For sales and business professionals who truly want to succeed, the only place to operate is in the highest level of value delivery: the unexpected value.

How to win multiple offer situations

If you’re in a market that is experiencing multiple offer situations, here are five ideas to help give you a competitive advantage. 

Setting the listing price with your seller

When dealing with a seller, one of the most difficult conversations you are going to have will be setting the price of their home.

The next 90 days will determine your success for 2020

As Canadian cities begin to strategically reopen after months in quarantine, I believe that now is the time to be communicating with your database in preparation for the resurgence of the real estate market.

What real estate will look like post-COVID-19: The old normal, now normal and new...

Richard Robbins takes a look at how the COVID-19 crisis has changed real estate procedures and how to prepare now for the post-COVID-19 future.

Simple pleasures during COVID-19

Richard Robbins offers some tips on how some simple pleasures can help you – and your family – get through these uncertain times.

Increase your happiness…and your sales

The real estate industry is complicated and challenging, and keeping a positive state of mind is key to increasing not only your happiness levels, but also your productivity levels.

Fighting the real estate lead battle

Why would 33 per cent of real estate professionals leave the industry in less than a year? I believe it’s to do with what I call The Lead Battle.