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Award-winning Certified UltimateStager, redesigner and owner Nina Doiron is the principal at iStage& Organize. She provides an objective and experienced eye to attract more buyers and help sell for top dollar. She will also help you declutter and get organized. She says she will “inspire redesign ideas so that you’ll fall in love with your home again.” Call 416-993-0131.

How to handle client objections to staging

80 per cent of real estate agents believe in the value of professional home staging, but only 20 per cent incorporate it into their business. Let’s talk about some of the primary objections we hear about most often.

Success starts in your office

It is a Feng Shui belief that clutter can cause noise and distraction and prevent positive energy from entering your home or place of work. So let’s get our workspaces organized.

9 key curb appeal tips

Potential buyers form their ideas about a home quickly and instinctively, and you want them to feel positively about the property you’re representing from the start.

Marketing homes starts with knowing what the buyer wants

With spring upon us, the real estate market is just lukewarm. With sellers anxiously wanting to sell their homes and buyers still holding off,...

Protect your house as it protects you

It saddens me to see the severe neglect some homes have faced. Just like our bodies, our homes need regular maintenance and care to keep them well.

Real Estate Staging Association offers Certified Staging Advocate certification

Although only recently launched, more than 60 sales reps and brokers across the Greater Toronto Area now hold the RESA CSA (Certified Staging Advocate) designation.

Time to prepare for next year’s listings

If your client is serious about selling in January or February, help them along by offering them a home staging consultation.

Does home staging cost too much?

When the objection is that home staging costs too much, sellers need to consider the carrying cost of a house when it sits on the market for months on end, and the staging investment relative to the sale price.
real estate photography

Your clients deserve better

As I monitor new listings, I estimate that less than half of the properties are being professionally staged. Here are some of the latest bad MLS photos. Yes, these are real MLS photos.

Nine tips to keep the house ready to show

To help speed up a successful home sale for all parties involved, reiterate to your client that it is also important for everyone in the family to follow these nine simple tips for keeping the home staged.