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Nicole Attias brings with her extensive business development experience – be it cold calling or networking in commercial real estate. She is a creative thinker. Her skills include article and business writing, delivering presentations, sales coaching and cold call script writing. Contact her at 416-831-0356 or [email protected], or visit www.prospect2win.com

Dealing with rejection: 3 tips

Whether we are making a cold call for the first time or are well into the sales process, hearing hesitation or a flat out no from our prospects surprises us and completely throws us off in some cases. Overcome rejection in these three ways.

Build better connections to close more deals

There are many astute real estate professionals who articulate their ideas extremely well. But when it comes to understanding how people feel, they are...

Sales objections or excuses?

When picking up the phone to make a cold call, are you hearing objections or excuses? Being on the phone all day, every day is not easy.

Top 3 tips for preparing for a cold call

When you walk into a store, are you dealing with a sales rep who wants to make a quick sale, or someone who really cares about helping you make the right decision?

Never take no for an answer

Does a “no” today mean “no” forever? Absolutely not. Refusing to accept “no” is achieved by developing a deep resilience within and believing in yourself and what you want.

Running multiple businesses – pro or con?

Is it a conflict of interest to operate multiple businesses while working as a real estate agent? Many Realtors find that having a few non-conflicting contracts is quite helpful and motivational.

Three quick tips to spark your creativity

Thinking outside of our routines, even our new routines these days, feels uncomfortable. However, it is necessary to develop a vision for your future – the creative side of life.

Maximize your prospecting during slower business cycles

It is one thing to pick up the phone and prospect during normal times, and quite another during a recession or depression.

Top 5 ICI prospecting mistakes to avoid

While traditional cold calling has become more challenging, does this mean it no longer works? Avoid these five common mistakes.