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Nicole Attias is an expert sales + B2B cold calling consultant, coach + instructor. Contact her at: [email protected]

Say less, listen more

Regardless of what business you are pitching, you are better off saying nothing and learning about the prospect, rather than being the one rambling.

A new way to cold call

The world has changed, and the way business is done has followed. What does this mean for regular cold calling?

Tips for handling online hate and trolling

If you are a target of online hate, knowing what to do is important for maintaining grace in such situations. Here are some tips for handling online hate and trolling.

Cold calls or networking?

The world of social media is rising and expanding. Will you remain a cold calling dinosaur or meet new connections through online introductions and events?

The best time of day to make cold calls

Many proponents of cold calling swear by the time of day calls should be made for ultimate results. While this may be true, is it always the case? Here are three strategies for making awesome cold calls.

Zoom calls with new prospects

Many professionals are leaning toward contacting new prospects through means other than picking up the phone. Cold calling is not dead. It is very much alive.

Is cold calling dead?

With social media on the rise and Zoom or Team calls becoming the new norm, is the art of cold calling something of the past?

Dealing with rejection: 3 tips

Whether we are making a cold call for the first time or are well into the sales process, hearing hesitation or a flat out no from our prospects surprises us and completely throws us off in some cases. Overcome rejection in these three ways.

Build better connections to close more deals

There are many astute real estate professionals who articulate their ideas extremely well. But when it comes to understanding how people feel, they are...

Sales objections or excuses?

When picking up the phone to make a cold call, are you hearing objections or excuses? Being on the phone all day, every day is not easy.