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Natalka Falcomer is a lawyer and Certified Leasing Officer who has a passion to make the law accessible and affordable. She founded, hosts and coproduced a popular legal call-in show on Rogers TV, Toronto Speaks Legal Advice. She founded Groundworks, a firm specializing in commercial real estate law, and is the EVP of corporate development at Chestnut Park.

Who’s behind the revolution in the rental industry?

“Many landlords would face bankruptcy after only three months of not receiving rental payments,” Karthik Manimozhi, CEO of LetUs by RentMoola.

Leadership in a disconnected era

During this crisis, leaders in the real estate industry have prioritized communication and empathy.
Supreme Court of Canada

Supreme Court case affirms: Act honestly, or else…

While I’ve always been an advocate of acting in good faith, a new Supreme Court ruling has driven the point home and reaffirmed a slightly different rule – the duty to act honestly.

The courts won’t enforce unfair behaviour

COVID-19 has forever changed business as usual. I believe that courts will mirror this change by refusing to enforce unfair outcomes and, in the case below, racist behaviour.

The commercial lease rollercoaster is just starting up

Ontario tenants breathed a collective sigh of relief when the moratorium on evictions via the Protecting Small Business Act in Ontario was extended to the Halloween weekend.

How COVID-19 changed the leasing industry

This isn’t Toronto's first real estate rodeo and history dictates a rebound. The question is when and how much? Anthony Scilipoti, president and CEO of Veritas Research, believes he knows the answer.

A lesson about roommates for tenant agents

A recent Real Estate Council of Ontario decision makes it clear that there are certain cases in which agents acting for tenants must disclose the presence of roommates.

Ontario’s Bill 184 poses risks to honest landlords, sellers and purchasers

Understanding Bill 184 is imperative for anyone selling or buying a tenanted property and it is imperative for real estate agents to understand it too.

Ontario landlords beware: Requirements and pitfalls of Bill 192

Bill 192, Protecting Small Business Act, 2020 came into force on June 18. The goal of the act was to strong-arm qualifying landlords into the Canada Emergency Commercial Rent Assistance (CECRA) program.

Why landlords are not applying to the commercial rent relief program

Many lawyers are counseling landlords to not agree to the CECRA program if the landlord wouldn’t be financially able to grant the rent reduction without financial assistance from the government. Why?