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Michel Friedman has been working in the real estate industry for 30 years, selling real estate and managing large offices. He was also general manager of an international real estate franchise operation. During his career he has managed and taught thousands of Realtors. He is the author of Star Agent: The Path to 50+ Real Estate Transactions Per Year, now available on Amazon.

How agents kill deals over home inspections

As a manager, I have seen too many deals fall through because of home inspections. Here is how home inspection conditions should be handled.

How important is your company’s brand?

Switching from a non-brand to brand brokerage does not automatically increase one’s business. Branding oneself as an individual is absolutely necessary in our industry.

Problems with Ontario’s phantom offer solution

The new Ontario Bill-55 has been created to solve the growing problem of phantom offers in real estate. The question is, will that eliminate phantom offers? In my opinion, no.

15 reasons why you should use a Realtor

Even with high tech advances and licensing authorities tying our hands behind our backs, real estate is still a “peoples’ business”. Here are 15 reasons why you should use a Realtor.
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Is real estate a profession? Why is “sales” a dirty word?

I often see real estate sales associates refer to themselves as “professionals”. Is real estate a profession? Why do we we try and disguise ourselves as being a “professional” rather than a salesperson?

Real estate brokerage models: Give a person a fish

If a new salesperson is looking for a place to work, they have lots of choices. There are many different kinds of real estate brokerage models. But there are no easy solutions. We must work hard for our money.