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Marly Broudie is the founder and CEO of SocialEyes Communications, a digital marketing firm based in Toronto. She works with several top-producing agents helping them with their digital marketing – everything from their brand, to social presence, data base building and lead gen.

The top 5 online marketing trends for Realtors

The world of online marketing is always changing, and if you aren’t on top of the constant updates, your strategies and tactics can become outdated. Keeping a finger on the pulse of digital marketing trends can be challenging.

5 holiday marketing ideas for Realtors

The holiday season is the perfect time of year for Realtors to market their services, connect with their leads and meet new people. Don’t go silent night on your marketing strategies.

5 Ways Realtors and brokerages can use digital to boost sales

Most real estate agents would agree that their online presence has become more important over the years but with so many tools, platforms and strategies available, it can be difficult to know where to focus your efforts.

5 real estate marketing trends to watch

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we do business in almost every industry, and real estate is no different. The following are a few of the longer-term trends we see continuing into 2021 and beyond.

Real estate marketing: The wholistic approach

There are so many different elements to marketing, how do you know where to start? Social media? Social ads? Video marketing? SEO? Where do you start and which strategy is most effective?

4 best practices for using social media in 2020

Whether you are investing time, money or both, it is crucial to see a return on investment on your social media in terms of reach, brand building, lead generation, and yes, sales.

Lead generation for Realtors: Creating effective audiences

Online lead generation has become an effective strategy for Realtors if done right. Lead generation strategies are used to attract and then convert a prospect into a client, using the power of social and digital advertising tools.

5 burning questions for the real estate market

During the last five to six weeks, Realtors across Canada have been adapting to this new “normal” and are pondering what’s to come post COVID-19. What will the market do when all of this is said and done? What will post-quarantine life look like?

Four ways to show a home without being there

The reasons why people have to buy or sell is still the same now as it was before the COVID-19 virus hit but the process has changed. Here are four creative and technologically advanced ways to showcase a home.

5 ways to optimize the power of social media marketing

Forty-seven per cent of real estate businesses say that social media results in the highest-quality leads versus other sources.