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Mark Weisleder is a senior partner, author and speaker at the law firm Real Estate Lawyers.ca LLP. Contact him at [email protected] or toll free at 1-888-876-5529

FINTRAC: 5 things to remember in 2022

Here are answers to five of the most frequently asked questions I receive when conducting FINTRAC updates for brokerages and real estate boards.

Ontario’s new residential tenancies bill isn’t really that bad

The Protecting Tenants and Strengthening Community Housing Act (Bill 184) affecting residential tenancies is now law. If everyone is complaining about this bill, the law may not be so bad after all.

Protecting your deals during COVID-19

During this difficult time of isolation due to COVID-19, everyone must do what they can to make sure buyers and sellers can still successfully enter into and complete their real estate contracts.

What happens when real estate deals can’t close on time?

In Ontario, real estate deals are supposed to close by 5 p.m., since that is when the government registration system shuts down.

5 things to know about Ontario’s new real estate act

The long-awaited changes to the real estate agent and brokerage community in Ontario just had its initial release, mostly to positive reviews from the industry.

Short-term rentals and Airbnb: What you need to know

I am constantly asked for advice about whether Airbnb is permitted and if the guests can be considered tenants. These are not easy questions to answer.

Disclosure and “as is” clauses

It seems that every week I am asked for advice about what a seller or real estate agent needs to disclose to a buyer. Here are five lessons to remember.

Be prepared for five changes coming later this year

As a result of recent announcements by the federal, provincial and municipal governments, change is coming to the real estate industry and real estate agents and their clients must be prepared to adapt.

5 ways to improve FINTRAC compliance

A recent study focussed on how buyers are using nameless corporations to attempt to launder money when purchasing real estate.

5 ways to protect yourself and your clients

Real estate laws change and you need to be up to date in order to practice in a manner that protects both agents and clients. Here are five tips to assist you with what I hope will be a successful 2019.