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Kunal Sawhney
Kunal Sawhney is the founder and CEO of Kalkine. An accomplished financial professional, he has extensive expertise in equity markets and adopts quantitative and qualitative stock selection practices.

Is there a way to bring down house prices? Hint: Reddit

Things might change if a frustrated group of homebuyers decides to borrow a leaf from the book of stock investors that convene on Reddit.

What will Canada’s housing market look like in 2022?

Active, hyper-active or subdued; rally, correction or crash? How might Canada’s housing market look like in 2022?

It’s time to review Canada’s land transfer tax structure

Now that we are recovering from the pandemic shock that brought cities and factories to a screeching halt, it might be the opportune time to reflect on taxes, especially land transfer taxes.

Supply-side constraints first fueled frenzy, then slowdown

In its latest report on the housing market, the Royal Bank of Canada cited “tight supply” as the primary reason behind a dip in housing activity. In August, housing inventories in Toronto were down 51 per cent compared with August 2020.

Would a ban on blind bidding make homes more affordable?

Several pledges by the Liberals concern the housing market in Canada. Among other things, the party declared that a ban on blind bidding during real estate transactions would follow their return to Ottawa.

Look for the real estate market to level off

CREA data tells us the March 2021 peak of over $716,000 is now a thing of the past. The average price in August was $663,500, about the same as July. For four straight months, prices headed south before leveling off.

The opportunity cost of real estate investment

A buildup of high mortgage debt remains an outlier, and a likely cause of concern but only in the event of a slower-than-expected economic revival.

What to expect from rental yields in Canada

“Has the market peaked” or “is the bubble nearing its burst” are questions that are dominating the housing market of Canada.

Demand will stay strong for luxury market and small-town real estate

What does housing demand rely on? Is it the need to buy something or having more-than-enough disposable income?

Realtors should reflect on developments in macroeconomic landscape

In the past couple of months, the sales figures have slowed, according to data from CREA. Does this mean Canada’s housing market growth has reached its peak?