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Kim Rempel, investor, writer, and entrepreneur, helps real estate professionals and business owners create content that gets attention. She says, "Leverage what you know to help your business grow. That’s the power of content." Visit her website, www.RealtorBlogging101.com
AJ Plant, left and Duncan MacDonald say finding and recruiting real estate agents is a lot like scouting baseball players – which MacDonald used to do for the Toronto Blue Jays.

How to find and recruit top agents

I sat down with AJ Plant, regional owner of Exit Realty Eastern Ontario, and Duncan MacDonald, a former Toronto Blue Jays scout hired to find franchise prospects and recruit agents for the region’s brokerages.

6 things to write about on your blog

Once you’ve figured out what to talk about (and why), you’re halfway done. The hardest thing about blogging is not the planning, the strategizing or even coming up with a great headline. The hardest thing is writing it.

How to blog when you don’t have time

Luckily, blogging doesn’t have to be as difficult or time-draining as sitting down and trying to pen a masterpiece. There are options to blog simply and efficiently.

Blogging on Facebook may be hurting your business

“Have you ever considered having a blog?” I asked him one day. “Well, what’s a blog?” he asked. After I explained how a blog can educate and equip readers, and ultimately sell your own products or services, he said, “I already do that!”

The downside of DIY property sales

What most home sellers on that path don’t know, however, can land them in major litigation and financial loss. DIY property sales companies will barely touch the subject or avoid it entirely.

Write a real estate blog that people are dying to read

As a real estate professional, you know clients are researching agents online and they’re probably not finding you. You’ve known for a while that your website is in need of decent content, but blogging is driving you nuts.