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Ken Wilder is a 29-year veteran in the real estate industry. In 1993 he pioneered buyer agency. Since 2000, Ken has been a motivational speaker, coach and author and has spoken to more than 20,000 real estate agents and brokers across the country. Email Ken.

More reasons to work with buyers first

When I work with buyers first, I have a much better opportunity to develop a relationship so when it comes time for the client to list their home, I am the only agent they will even consider. That listing is now mine, unless I do something to blow it.
Prospect for buyers

Prospect for buyers first

I would like to explain why our industry as a whole has led us down a path that has been inefficient and ineffective. We would be much more effective prospectors if we reverse our thinking and prospect for buyers first. Why? Here are four good reasons.

The real point of Buyer Representation Agreements

Buyer Representation Agreements do in fact protect our commission, but that was not the driving force behind why it came into being. We adopted buyer agency because without it, buyers had no legal protection whatsoever, even in the face of believing that they did.