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How to successfully manage your team

When you are the leader of a team, you need to manage and leverage your duties and team members, to create a performance environment for everyone.

Rebuilding in the post-COVID economy

When the future seems uncertain is actually the best time to create the future.

Be a highly effective leader during the pandemic

Hope in the future creates power in the present. As a team leader, you need to understand why what we’re doing matters and how to translate it to your teams.

Pick up your phone and call your clients

There have always been mixed messages stating what and how we should be communicating with clients, but with COVID-19, the confusion was amplified even more.

Nurture your CRM now

If your customer relationship management (CRM) software has been on the backburner for a while, use this time to optimize and organize your business. Start by nurturing your CRM and cleaning up your database.

This is your wake-up call

You need to be proactive in keeping your business going and still provide a high level of service to buyers and sellers. Here’s how to keep your business thriving while optimizing the time you’ve been gifted by COVID-19.

Three training success stories

These women, each at a different place in their career, experienced for themselves how an onboarding process with systems, tools and consulting can produce powerful results.

Building a high-performance team culture, brick by brick

You need the secrets of high-performing, collaborative teams. The secrets lie in five factors that are essential for leaders to create autonomous and accountable team members.

Leveraging your licensed assistant

Your licensed assistant is potentially one of the most powerful leveraging tools you will ever encounter as a team leader, and equally one of the least common.

Creating an inside sales department (Part 2)

Who would make an ideal inside sales agent (ISA)? Experience is an asset in most cases, but when looking for a good match, there are things that you should weigh more heavily.