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Jeff Stern, a 27-year real estate veteran with Re/Max Performance Realty in Winnipeg, received the 2017 CMHC/MREA Distinguished Realtor Award. He is an instructor for the Provincial Real Estate Licensing program, a member of the Education Committee and sits on the Professional Standards Investigation and Hearing Committee at MREA. He gives back to the community as chair of the MREA Shelter Foundation and writes stimulating and enlightening articles on his blog. The opinions expressed are those of Jeff Stern and not the Manitoba Real Estate Association.

A case for apprenticeship in the real estate industry

Construction, financing, legal aspects, for Pete’s sake – many industries require real-time training under a mentor. In the real estate industry, however, apprenticeship isn’t a given. Does that sound weird to anyone else?

6 biggest myths about living in the country

Are you a country bumpkin at heart? Maybe you only think you are. In almost 30 years of helping people find homes, I’ve seen the eyes of the citified go positively dreamy with thoughts of living in the country.

7 things I wish I knew before buying my first house

Here are seven of the most common mistakes people make when buying a home, and what many home buyers wish they had known ahead of time but often learn too late.

What would you pay for 42 years of customer loyalty?

There is such a thing as fierce customer loyalty. Even in our culture of choice and options. I know, because I am a loyal customer. So are my clients.

The secret power of real estate agents

Real estate, for us, is not an occupation, it’s a lifestyle of helping and a mission of the heart. We serve. We protect. Defend. Empower. This is our creed.

Rethinking tech: Finding the balance in life and work

It used to be only real estate agents and other businesspeople who would be plinking on their devices, handling business details in social settings. Now it’s everyone.

When to say no to showing requests

The days of showing houses indiscriminately to people who are unknown to the listing agent are quickly dying.

Referrals and conflict of interest

I’ll be first in line to say advocating for clients and helping ease them through the big convoluted process is a good idea. Here’s the problem. I smell opportunity for conflict of interest.

What “the customer is always right” actually means

This was ingrained in me: the customer is always right. Even if they’re wrong. You’ll never argue them into submission or agreement. Concede. Serve.

A professional response to “dumb” questions

They say there’s no such thing as a dumb question. Most of the time, I agree.