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Jeffrey Wagman is a partner and broker of record at Forest Hill Real Estate in Toronto. He sells homes and condominiums in the central Toronto market and is consistently ranked in the top one per cent of all real estate salespeople in Toronto.

What was the real estate industry like 30 years ago?

Have you ever wondered what it was like to be a real estate agent in the ’80s or earlier? If you weren’t even born then, you wouldn’t be able to imagine it.

Get ready now for the end of the shutdown

What I do know is that we need to minimize the disruption to our personal business. So here is what I suggest: Work on yourself first. Mentally and physically. Be prepared for when this ends.

The importance of an office culture

If you prefer to work from home or any other place rather than your brokerage’s office, that’s your choice. But those who commit to the office culture will prosper in many positive ways.

Selling a home during a divorce

Selling a home in which the clients are going through a divorce is one of the most stressful and difficult situations in the real estate business.

What makes a real estate company?

As Realtors, we represent a company. Yes, we are independent contractors, but so what? We are people who need to network together and help each other.

A lesson from the Toronto real estate market

If your client purchased a home in the GTA during the frenzied early months of 2017 and had not sold their home in advance, why did you wait to list their house?

Dealing with a changing real estate market

Have you heard that “nothing lasts forever?” I’m sure you have. Have you thought about that at all in relation to the current real estate market in Southern Ontario? It will happen, just be prepared.

Your clients and loyalty

Are you expecting to have loyal clients in the real estate sales world? You will need to put in a lot of years to get a few. I tell you this because in this business, you can’t rely on anyone.

Have you paid your dues?

Dues are basically hard work. I mean really hard work! Getting out there and “pounding the pavement” work. Along with this is learning, failing, succeeding, being humbled, feeling despair and experiencing letdowns.

Protecting your clients’ interest

We all understand that the residential part of the real estate business can create some very close relationships, but how close is too close?