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This article is based on the bestselling book Influence with Ease by customer service strategist and Hall of Fame motivational speaker Jeff Mowatt. To obtain your own copy of his book or to inquire about engaging Jeff for your team, visit www.jeffmowatt.com.

Slow responses to your emails? Here’s a one-minute fix

What if there was an instant way to build more trust with your customers every time you sent emails? It costs zero and only takes about one minute one time to set up.

The rudest thing you can do in a virtual meeting

There are plenty of inappropriate behaviours that people could display on Zoom or Teams. I’m referring to the most common etiquette sin many people commit in the first five seconds, without being aware of it.

How to eliminate customer conflicts with zero effort

Of all the books and tips about how to get along better with friends, family and clients, there’s one approach that I believe is the most effortless and under rated.

Two tips for getting faster replies to your emails

Chances are you’ve experienced delays waiting for someone to respond to your email. That person may be overloaded or unorganized and yet you’re held responsible for the lack of progress. Here are two tips to get faster replies to your emails.

The myth of treating clients equally

. I believe that treating customers fairly and equally is a mistake. It’s unprofitable. It belittles customers and employees. And it’s unethical. There, I’ve said it.

Are you too busy to be productive?

By simply realigning their priorities, managers and brokers can lead their company or department in a way that builds customer and staff loyalty, reduces operating costs, makes more money and serves as a model corporate citizen.

A common assumption that ruins reputations

To gain the business, we might offer a slight extra, “We’ll also throw in such and such.” Or the customer asks for some slight change, which we assure them won’t be a problem. Later we conveniently “forget” about the little extra.

The humility advantage and turning clients into fans

Ironic how admitting up front what you don’t know actually increases your credibility when you make a statement about what you actually believe. The technique itself is easy.

How to build trust with skeptics

You’ve probably heard that when you first deal with potential customers, you should share your elevator speech. I’ve found most of these verbal teasers of what you offer actually reduce trust.

How to end emails to clients

Conventional wisdom among writers is to assume readers have the intelligence of seventh graders. When it comes to communicating with clients, I believe the opposite is true.