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Diane Slawych is a contributing writer for REM.
The castle-shaped visitor centre in Saint-Jean-de-Dieu, Que. is made of nearly 28,000 bottles. (Photo: Diane Slawych)

Bottle houses: If you live in a glass house…

The house is made entirely of bottles and, not surprisingly, has become a popular stopping point for curious summertime travellers in the southwest part of the province.
A “single house” in Charleston (Photos by Diane Slawych)

Earthquake bolts and haint blue: Real estate in Charleston, South Carolina

It took a trip to Charleston, South Carolina to learn a whole new lexicon when it comes to houses. “Earthquake bolts,” “piazzas,” “single houses,” and a popular shade known as “haint blue,” are common in Charleston real estate parlance.

Barbados chattel houses: Homes unfirmly rooted in the past

In Barbados chattel houses are part of the island’s history, and hundreds can still be found throughout the country as well as in a few other Caribbean islands. Many of them are also brightly painted, such as yellow with blue trim or purple with pink trim.

It’s the law: All houses look the same in Saba

Real estate agents selling houses on the Dutch Caribbean island of Saba don’t have to strain for creativity when writing listings that describe the home’s appearance. That’s because all the homes on the island, with few exceptions, look the same, at least from the outside. It’s the law!
Quirky homes

No ordinary dwellings: Four quirky homes from around the world

The world is full of quirky homes, something the average traveler eventually discovers. Some houses are perched on towering rocks in the middle of rivers, others border the sides of steep cliffs, while some are so tiny that you’re forced to hunch over when you go inside.