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Debbie Hanlon is the owner broker and Realtor at Debbie Hanlon Real Estate, a new boutique brokerage in St. John’s, Nfld. She is also a motivational speaker, real estate coach, author, former city councillor and children’s entertainer. She lives in St. John’s with her husband, Oral Mews and her dog Fisher.

Don’t fall flat on your Facebook page

There’s one other thing you have to do with your Facebook page to really kick in the likes and generate genuine engagement that does lead to business.

How I disappointed my client

Having always considered myself a good, hard working and fashionably dressed real estate agent, I was shocked when a client contacted my assistant on another matter and told her how disappointed they were.

Debbie Hanlon: From conned to confident

Anyone who has been in this business for any length of time knows how precarious our careers can be. If we don’t sell we don’t make money. Unfortunately, that kind of uncertainty makes us an easy target for scammers.

The unreal stories of real estate agents

I’ve been through stuff that people who aren’t in this game wouldn’t believe, let alone understand. A story comes to mind of a showing that ended up showing a lot more than expected.

Turn FSBOs into raving fans with trust and consistency

How do you turn FSBOs into your biggest fans? Don't attempt to scare them by citing all the facts and figures about how poorly FSBOs do. You want to help them, and gain their trust.

FSBOs: Walk throughs and walk aways

Ah, the dreaded cold call. Dialling a phone number to speak to someone you’ve never spoken to before doesn’t rank very high on most salespeople’s list of favourite things to do. But, do you want the business or not?

Capturing FSBO business: Part 2

So, you’re driving down a street looking cool and wondering where you can possibly find perspective clients. Should you advertise more, you wonder, as you drive by a For Sale By Owner sign?

Turning FSBOs into your biggest fans

I developed a For Sale By Owner System based on the psychology of selling. The truth is, people don’t make decisions based on facts; they make them based on emotions and then justify them with facts.

Starting over: From phonebook to Facebook

“So, there I was, pretty much right back where I was those many years before, starting over in real estate with nothing, bankrupt, with not even a vehicle because they’d taken my company car. Was I scared? I was terrified…”

Developing habits with rewards

So let’s look at that process as a habit. The cue is the need for a new listing, the routine is to sell it and the reward is the money she made by doing so. So which of these can we change?