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Humour columnist and author Dan St. Yves was licensed with Royal LePage Kelowna for 11 years. Check out his website at danstyves.com.

Would you like to be a writer?

Would you like to be a writer? Have you ever wondered what might be required for a successful career in the print medium? Me too! You probably already unknowingly dabble in everyday writing as it is.

Choosing your summer open houses

This memory got me to thinking that perhaps (despite demands and pleas from clients) an agent should be able to choose the best possible home in which to do a summer open house during those hot August days (apologies to Neil Diamond).

This one’s for the birds

For such small birds, Mama and Papa seemed quite able to protect their improvised duct nest. One watched from the nearby tree until I tried to reset my ladder, at which point he or she attacked as if propelled from a bazooka.

By the numbers

Over the years in my sales career, I have had several clients express concern over house numbers. They would either pass on viewing a home altogether, or insist that I check with the city to ensure that those house numbers could be changed to a more favourable combination.

The well-intended real estate advice columnist

While I have met the second-generation Hints From Heloise in person, I have never had an encounter with famed newspaper columnist Dear Abby or...
real estate photography

Real estate photography: Is that a haystack?

Most times I could rely on my silver tongue to assure homeowners that the picture they were looking at was absolutely their own home and not a battered four-drawer lateral filing cabinet recovered from a riverbed.
Dan St. Yves

Dan St. Yves: A marketing idea that didn’t quite work out

At a time when “viral” wasn’t even a thing yet, my innocent ad gained considerable notoriety among my colleagues and several clients, who took great amusement with that image. My vine days are behind me now. My cautionary tale with marketing is: get a second opinion before you swing full-steam ahead.
real estate humour

Dan St. Yves: Rhymin’ with real estate

On the lighter side, some real estate humour from Dan St. Yves: Here are just a few examples of some unsuccessful real estate song lyrics – to the tune of a classic Paul Simon nugget, 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover.

Dan St. Yves: A history of clunkers

I can survey an extensive fleet of varied vehicles, and then unerringly pick out the one lemon among the entire group. I’ve done this successfully and consistently for years – ever since I made my very first purchase, Big Red.