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Humour columnist and author Dan St. Yves was licensed with Royal LePage Kelowna for 11 years. Check out his website at www.nonsenseandstuff.com.

Dan St. Yves: This Old House…with apologies to Bob Vila

The old family home predates drywall. I’m not sure what the actual walls are made of – a churned blend of chewing gum and newspapers?

Dan St. Yves: You’ve (still) got spam!

So, is spam just “junk mail” now? While the term is perhaps a bit tired, I miss the cartoon bubble that used to invoke above my head with an image of a can of Klik luncheon meat, or the even more iconic cooked pork Spam.

Dan St. Yves: Repairman by circumstance

I wish I was handy in a “Tim The Tool Man Taylor” sort of way. I’m much more of a “Tim The Bent & Broken Tool Bit” type when it comes to home maintenance capabilities.

Dan St. Yves: Size matters

Unlike your cat, you will not appreciate the sight of an empty cardboard file box in your former workspace.

Dan St. Yves: A 2021 real estate wish list

I’d like for one dream to be able to stop prefacing all these columns with a passing reference to COVID-19. Aside from wishing away that intrusion into life as we know it, I’ll offer up a few real estate specific New Year’s desires.
The spirit of giving was alive and well among members of the Vancouver Island Real Estate Board (VIREB) this holiday season.

Dan St. Yves: The clothespin ornament

Gathering the fragments of the poor little figurine onto the kitchen table, Andy prayed that the particular brand of Krazy Glue he had in the workshop drawer worked.

Dan St. Yves: Making fibre fun!

Farewell, salads! Arrivederci, apples! Hit the road, hay and bran – I’ve got myself a new friend with fibre.

After 20 years of columns, the well maintains moisture

With the REM monthly column I’ve long outlived my own real estate career (11 years), and I’m still finding things I can write about that I hope currently active Realtors can relate to and will hopefully give them a chuckle.

Dream home, then and now

It is a curious thing what a couple can collect after 30+ years together, such as an old book that I had packed into a box: How To Build Your Dream Home For Less Than $3,500.

Handyman chronicles, Episode VII

My glaring inability to have any natural abilities with arts and crafts translates into even less skill sets when applied to home repair.