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Humour columnist and author Dan St. Yves was licensed with Royal LePage Kelowna for 11 years. Check out his website at www.nonsenseandstuff.com.

Dan St. Ives: It’s a new year! (Updated 2022)

Today’s column is recycled – it first appeared here back in 2008. I figured it might be a good time to dust it off and update it a bit, given that I’m so far behind on my holiday streaming viewing. And my holiday baking consumption.

Dan St. Yves: Holiday listings

I need to get creative here in this column space. Why not a list of unique “holiday properties” that need to be sold before the new year?

Dan St. Yves: Over the hill or just starting to climb?

I recall a fellow agent I used to work with who was around 80-years-old (give or take) and she was as vibrant and engaged as fellow Realtors not even half her age.

Dan St. Yves: Cursed by dishwashers

For such an unassuming appliance, you’d think a humble household dishwasher might function like a toaster or a waffle iron – efficiently and without qualms. As I reflect on three dishwashers I’ve lived with, I beg to differ.

How about Train Your Dog To Cha Cha day?

I think it might not be a bad idea to get ahead of the curve and try creating a new annual celebration to fill in the lag between all the others. Is there any valid reason we can’t have a Beach Ball Frisbee Day every year or Train Your Dog To Cha Cha holiday?

Dan St. Yves: End of summer, back to work quiz 2021

More recently I was going through an old folder on my computer (I must have scanned some of those original parchment copies somewhere along the way?) and came across this timely quiz from 2000.

Dan St. Yves: Farewell, family home!

For what feels like eons now, my family members and I have been working to clear out the various belongings my mother had to leave behind when she moved into an assisted living facility.

Dan St. Yves: Realtor theme songs

Years ago (back when cassette tapes were high-end audio recording options) I put together one or two collections of songs I considered “motivational music”.

Dan St. Yves: This Old House…with apologies to Bob Vila

The old family home predates drywall. I’m not sure what the actual walls are made of – a churned blend of chewing gum and newspapers?

Dan St. Yves: You’ve (still) got spam!

So, is spam just “junk mail” now? While the term is perhaps a bit tired, I miss the cartoon bubble that used to invoke above my head with an image of a can of Klik luncheon meat, or the even more iconic cooked pork Spam.