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Chris Chopik works with Sotheby's International Realty, with a career focus on the nexus of sustainability and housing. He is a futurist currently working on strategic design solutions @OCADU_SFI; the Future of Seniors Housing in Canada.

Sustainable design doesn’t have to cost more

This one-on-one interview took me to Hamilton and a conversation with Joanne McCallum, architect and CEO at mcCallumSather Architects. “Sustainable design has been considered as ‘additive’… that you have to add money to do it….and that is just not true,” she says.

Valuing carbon in the real estate market

In this video, I speak with CleanTech entrepreneur Tom Rand. Tom opens our one-on-one conversation with the statement “We are heading to a heat death of our civilization… it’s our end game… and there is no coming back from this mistake.”

In real estate, every day is Earth Day

Here are five things that you can do to connect authentically with your clients and your communities around Earth Day.

Biophilic design basics for Realtors, a trend for 2021

Bio (nature) philia (love). Biophilic design refers to design that is oriented to an inherent human understanding and attraction toward nature.

Future friendly houses are worth more, today and tomorrow

It is increasingly clear that housing is central to the story of climate change. The business opportunity for Realtors is to build brand and trust by advising clients of these trends.

20/20 foresight in 2020: Hope for the future

My approach to dealing with the depressing realities of this “era of climate change” has been to try to create hope for people around me, especially for my children.

National Association of Realtors summit addresses climate change

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) chose the perfect location for its recent invitation-only Sustainability Summit 2019 – New Orleans.

Help protect your clients from flood risk

If you think your market is not susceptible to flooding, you are mistaken. The new reality is that the storms of the future will bring more rain, faster, more often. Your clients are at risk. 
CREB has integrated floodplain maps with its MLS system.

Flood is a real concern for property valuation

Home owners, businesses and governments have a shared responsibility to create flood resiliency. Rain is the climate change that hits the ground. Flood and drought are two sides of the same coin.

How to help clients with flood risk

Today's changing weather patterns have resulted in a dramatic shift in property risk. Here’s how you can help your buyers and sellers deal with the threat.