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The working title for Carolyne’s Gourmet Recipes cookbook is From Lady Ralston’s Kitchen: A Canadian Contessa Cooks. This kitchen-friendly doyenne has been honoured and referred to as the grande dame of executive real estate in her market area during her 35-year career. She taught gourmet cooking in the mid-70s and wrote a weekly newspaper cooking column, long before gourmet was popular as it is today. Her ebook, Gourmet Cooking - at Home with Carolyne is available here for $5.99 US. Email Carolyne. Scroll down to the comments at each recipe column. Carolyne often adds complimentary "From Lady Ralston's Kitchen" additional recipes in the Recipes for Realtors Comments section at REM.
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Recipes for Realtors: Fatted grilled oysters and creamed sea scallops

Any way you enjoy my seafood gourmet dipping sauce, it’s one delicious sauce. The sauce keeps well, refrigerated, for a few days.

Recipes for Realtors: Red salmon pate

You might want to serve this with my Chicken Liver Pate. A different kind of surf and turf! 
Photo by Tijana Drndarski on Unsplash

Recipes for Realtors: Coconut panna cotta and plantain crackers

If you enjoy Asian coconut chicken rice or other coconut entrées, you might want to finish the meal with this delicious coconut panna cotta to continue the flavour profile.
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Recipes for Realtors: Deep-fried fishcake po’boy

It’s a mouth-watering delicious treat, especially for those who observe Friday fish days as a whole family meal. This is also an easy-make meal for those who live alone.

Recipes for Realtors: What to do with green tomatoes…and figgy butter

This remarkable tomato butter (marmalade) will be a recipe you repeat year after year. It’s made with your green beefsteak tomatoes, fresh on the vine, not yet fully ripened or, alternately, left on the vine at the end of the season.

Recipes for Realtors: Shiraz spicy sauce

I was recently introduced to Two Oceans South African Shiraz and was told it’s the same as my often used Obikwa. An oxymoron: the same but different.
Chicken kievs

Recipes for Realtors: My 1970s Original Chicken Kiev

This incredible chicken entree was one of my Gourmet Cooking with Carolyne first-year gourmet cooking newspaper columns in 1976. The chicken kiev is a perfect complement to my mashed whipped potatoes.

Recipes for Realtors: Orange date chocolate cheese salad and salmon sandwich

If you are fortunate to have delicate Arctic char, don’t waste even a spoonful. Switch it up like the salmon. Maybe add a tiny bit of my cranberry mayonnaise. Mouth watering yet?

Recipes for Realtors: Polenta coins with compound butter coins and lox roses

These bite-size nibbles are a perfect size. Arrange for at least three per serving tucked among loosely arranged fresh Boston bibb lettuce on a large platter.

Recipes for Realtors: Christmas cake gift stuffing and cranberry sauce

Fruitcake keeps for ages, but you could always freeze the leftover fruitcake, cubed. But I discovered an additional use: stuffing!