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What's the best day of the year to buy a home?

Watch: Taking an overpriced listing

We always want to avoid taking on an overpriced listing, but if you have a solid strategy to present to your vendors, it can work in your favour.

Watch: An easy price reduction strategy

Here’s a 60-second sales tip video from Bruce Keith about how to get a price reduction from a client. When discussing the issue with your client, consider these expert tips.

Eliminating the need for self discipline

Habits in place eliminate the need for self discipline. Why is this good news? Because when you set up a series of easy-to-implement habits you end up with a routine.

Watch: Handle rejection with your favourite acronym

You do all the right things but you still get rejected when a client decides to list with a neighbour or a relative. If you feel yourself getting tense about it just say Q-TIP!

Procrastination, habit, and knowing where you’re going

Often we put off the ones we don’t like to do. This could be “fear-based hesitation” or just simple avoidance. Either way, it shows up as procrastination. This creates a roadblock and internal stress.

Watch: Be joyful in sales

Forget about checking the sales board in your office – comparison is the thief of joy. Determine your own personal targets and compare your results to them, says Bruce Keith.

What you can learn from David Price: If you don’t like it, do it...

Superstar Blue Jays pitcher David Price has a very interesting approach to accepting responsibility. He has a simple seven-word mantra posted above his locker in the dressing room. It says, “If you don’t like it – pitch better.”
Prospect for buyers

Watch: Achieve your top 3 goals with this 60-second tip

Bruce Keith offers a tip that will help you prioritize your business and achieve the top three things you hope to accomplish in the coming week.
Maintain balance and productivity

How to be clutter free until noon

I use a metaphor about the “snakes in a box”. It is in reference to that big box of clutter. Here are five tricks so you can “put a rock on top of your box of snakes” - or, in other words, how to be clutter free until noon.

Real estate coaching tips: Hesitation questions

Bruce Keith suggests four questions to ask your clients when you sense that they are hesitating about moving forward. This will help you to help them get off the fence and ease their hesitation.