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Watch: How to make your sales business more consistent

Here’s a four-step plan from coach Bruce Keith to help you make your sales business – and your income -- more consistent.

Watch: Make more money by doing what you fear

If you’re avoiding doing certain things, I’ll guarantee you the bulk of your competition in your marketplace is avoiding exactly the same things.

Watch: Predict the future with a unique money board

How would you like to be able to predict the future and then make it happen? Bruce Keith explains how using his unique money...

Making the right connections: The people around you matter

“Your income will be the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” So, no matter how you try to shield yourself from negative people, it is much safer to spend time with positive people.

Five steps to keep your real estate honeymoon alive

Keep your real estate honeymoon alive; be one of those who rigidly adheres to your plan for reaching exciting new heights of achievement. Re-energize your earlier commitment. Start with these five steps.

Watch: The benefits of risk taking

It’s human nature to avoid risk, but sometimes taking a risk has a great reward. Bruce Keith explains one of the benefits of risk taking: Taking more risks may mean more rejections, but it will also provide more rewards.

Watch: What to expect when you’re prospecting

When you’re prospecting for leads, what kind of results are likely? How many contacts should I be making an hour? Will I get more leads with a sales dialer or auto-dialer? Bruce Keith answers your questions in this video.

Your big picture planning time

Let me show you a solution to working on your business and in your business. It’s called Big Picture Planning Time (BPPT). This is something I used for years as a real estate agent and I still use it now in my business.

Watch: The No. 1 sales insight

In this short video, real estate coach Bruce Keith outlines how to deal with rejection from grumpy people when you’re out door-knocking for leads with his top sales insight.
The secret to being that much better

The secret to being that much better

The best golfer in the world is just better at doing the little things that add up over time. You don’t have to be dramatically better than your competition. You just need to be doing the right things better.