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Three steps to real estate success

Success can mean different things to different people. In this video, Bruce Keith discusses the three major things that will make you successful and how to get them right.

Watch: Work on your leadership skills

Here’s how you can become a stronger and better leader – even if you don’t have a team. Even if you work on your own, you must lead the people you work with and even your customers. Bruce Keith explains in this short video.

Watch: How to get a buyer’s agency agreement signed up front

Bruce Keith demonstrates how your buyer’s package plus your marketing plan will add up to getting a buyer’s agency agreement signed up front.

Four important steps to start the year off right

In this two-minute video, Bruce Keith presents a checklist to make sure your 2017 sales plan gets off on the right foot.

Just give your clients what they want

Well-known business philosopher and equally successful author Seth Godin offers the clues to finding out what our clients want. Seth says our customers typically want three things: results, thrills and ego.

Watch: Shake off the bad stuff and move on

Bruce Keith relates how a recent article in REM about broker Matt Dominguez offers timely advice for real estate professionals. Learn to focus on your goals and don’t let the little disappointments get in the way.

How to get out of a slump

If you are in a slump, you need to fill up your day so that your day fills up, says Bruce Keith. To get out of a slump, sometimes you need to just get out there and grind it out.

Watch: Better Internet lead conversion

What can you expect from your Internet leads? Bruce Keith talks about your odds of turning an Internet lead into a real prospect.

Money grows on your database

Bruce Keith says money doesn’t grow on trees – it grows on your database! Here are some tips to help grow your database by adding new prospects you already know.

Watch: Looking out for number one

In this 60-second sales tip, Bruce Keith tells us what he learned from a woman who lost 280 pounds during the last two years. It’s one more lesson that can be applied to make your sales efforts more successful.