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It’s your emotional quotient that drives success

In real life, and especially in sales, it’s your emotional quotient that will make you successful rather than your intelligence quotient. In this video, Bruce Keith gives you a formula for success.

Three “what to say” sales secrets

Here are three sales techniques that may help you secure a sale. In this video, Bruce Keith outlines how the Numbers Twice Technique, the Pick One Technique and a Sales Conversation no-no will help you out when you need it.

How to deal with overpriced listings

We’ve all been faced with an overpriced listing at some point in our real estate journey. How do you deal with that? How do you get your client to list the house at the fair market price?

How to get things done

Are you focusing on urgent things or important things? Watch my video to find out what you should be focusing on and how to get things done in the most effective way.

How to become a natural closer

Being good at selling is not enough. All real estate salespeople need to learn how to close a sale and become an expert at...

How to make yourself more accountable

“I need someone to hold me accountable.” This is the most common phrase I hear in my coaching class. In this video, Bruce Keith outlines his three-way system on how to hold yourself accountable.

Listing presentations: Do you want to go in first or last?

If you know you will be competing against other agents for a listing, what’s the best strategy: going to see the client first or after all the other agents have made their presentations?

Four questions that will set you apart from your competition

In this video, you will learn how to be strong at selling your values. Whether it is your marketing plan or your strong closing tactics, people need to know why they should choose you as their real  estate representative.

Handling clients’ objections

In this video, Bruce Keith explains two techniques that you can use to handle objections in real estate sales.

How to get more appointments with prospects

Setting appointments is all about being confident and giving clients an alternative of choice. Bruce Keith outlines an easy two-step process for booking more appointments, at a time that fits your schedule.