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Brian Bell
Brian Bell is a real estate and technology consultant. He is the lead principal for Insightt, which tracks new and innovative companies that are coming into the market through its Innovation Showcase. The company helps real estate related companies understand the risks of disruption, but more importantly helps them take innovation to the next level through data, technology and training.

Fractional ownership may be the solution to housing affordability

Here are three amazing new companies to get your wheels turning on how their innovative model, or parts of their model, can help address the housing affordability crisis.

Putting ‘For Sale By Owner’ into perspective

Today there are a number of real estate companies that help homeowners sell their own house with promises of big savings. We compared key sold data for FSBO sales versus sold data from the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) MLS sold data for 2021.

Banks and credit unions are changing Canada’s real estate industry

Insightt now predicts that in the next five years, most major banks and credit unions will own their own real estate brokerage company. Here are some of the reasons we think that will happen.

Why Canadian real estate companies should worry about Zillow

Traditional Canadian real estate companies should be concerned about Zillow and other new proptech companies that are capable of disrupting the traditional business model.