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Barry Lebow, FRI, Master-ASA, ABR, SRES, is one of Canada’s most recognized real estate authorities. Now in his 53rd year of professional real estate, Barry has been honoured by many real estate associations for his work in the profession. He has testified in more than 500 trials across North America. He is the founder of the Accredited Senior Agent designation program. A teacher, trainer and educator, he is an active broker at Re/Max Ultimate Realty in Toronto. Contact Barry by email.

Barry Lebow talks to Bob Aaron about wills and estates

In this video, I interview Bob about misconceptions involving wills, including what will happen if you die without a will (no, the government doesn’t take it all).

Dealing with bullies and big egos

You don’t need to put up with bullies or arrogant jerks who are being unprofessional and just to make themselves feel good. This short video might help you deal with belligerent people and make you smile too.

Heretic appraisal pricing: Better real estate valuation

I believe that the appraisal theory that most of you have learned in school is so outdated that it has very little relevance to 2021.

Raise your income by selling less

I have a friend. Based on volume, her sales propel her into the ranks of the top five per cent of salespeople but based solely on commissions earned, she never tops $100,000 per year.

Selling luxury homes: Jack Cotton’s book is a great resource

At the fall NAR Expo in Boston I picked up Selling Luxury Homes by Jack Cotton, a Sotheby’s broker from Cape Cod. I could not put it down.

The power of the expired listing

An experienced manager told me “Never show the public expired listings. They will get those prices into their heads.” I did not agree because the opposite is true. Expired listings have power.

Teams and the future of real estate

This is my continuing series about the future of real estate and teams. Many of us, as mortals are apt to do, reflect and...

Saving deals: Whatever happened to the seller-take-back?

Buyers are backing out of deals – they bought but could not sell (at their price) their own home. In many cases, one sale leads to a chain of sales and that first deal can cause problems for four or more other sales up the line.

Why some real estate teams fail and others thrive

Some brokerages embrace teams but others are threatened by them. In order to attract strong teams, a brokerage must provide value for them, and it has to be flexible in respect to commission splits.

Foundations for Success by Stephen L. Silver: A great training guide

This no nonsense, no fluff, meat and potatoes book by Steve Silver called "Foundations for Success" is a great Canadian real estate training guide, available now on Amazon.ca or directly from his website.