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The former owner of Imaginahome Inc. and former Realtor at Re/Max, Aiman Attar is the managing partner of AGENTC: The Real Estate Recruiter. She has worked in the real estate industry for over 10 years with Toronto’s finest, most accomplished Realtors. She decided to dedicate her talent and experience to helping you hire the best candidates to build your business. Email Aiman.

How allowing remote work will improve your business

If you’re an employer and you’re hesitant to let your employees work from home, it may be time to step out of your comfort zone. More and more research suggests that offering work-from-home arrangements will benefit your business. Here’s how.

The benefits of joining a real estate team

With a team, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. In real estate terms: the value that you can get out of a team outweighs the cost of the commission splits.

You made a great hire. Now what?

Hiring great talent is important. Retaining them is even more important. Here are our top tips for retaining your employees.

How to give constructive employee feedback

Frequent feedback lets team members know how their work is being perceived, both positively and negatively, and whether they are on the right track with their work.

Watch for employee burn out on your team

A question I ask candidates in an interview is, “Why are you interested in a new position?” All too often the candidate responds by saying that they feel over-worked and under-appreciated at their current job and want a new opportunity.
These past couple weeks have been busier than ever with client inquiries and we have been steadily working to fill our requisitions. While we have been finding and interviewing great candidates, there have been many occasions where we then see those candidates drop out at the last minute or get scooped up by another employer. It leaves us wondering: what’s going on? Every summer, we see a lull in active candidates. As none of us have been able to do much due to the pandemic, everyone was outside enjoying the beautiful weather and that lull was even more pronounced. That said, we normally go through 100 or so candidates before interviewing and finding the few who are worthy of passing over to our clients to interview. But lately we have been going through double that number. It leaves us wondering where the shift is. The pandemic has changed us all. As everyone stayed at home for most of last year and a half, it occurs to us how disconnected many have become. Working long hours and in a career that doesn’t bring joy is no longer something that some are willing to do. It has shifted the mindset to realize the importance of loving what you do. How can the real estate industry adapt to this mindset? We need to adjust the way our industry is currently set up. We are often asked about work from home options. In most cases, it’s not about wanting to be away from an office so much as about creating a balance that has been lacking for so long. Working from home has been a blessing for those of us who were fortunate enough to do so. The real estate industry should take a look at how it can adapt to allow more of this. There are so many people with children at home and parents need to be there with them in lieu of the expensive childcare that is unattainable for some. A lot of the tasks can be done from home and the industry would benefit from adapting. On the other hand, real estate has been on fire this year. Thanks to lockdowns and travel restrictions, many people are opting to invest in their homes since that is where they are spending the majority of their time. We have seen the increasing need for assistants and administration staff, yet fewer candidates are available. The industry has always been competitive, but now we are seeing the pressure from an administrative side. Good candidates need to be seen and interviewed quickly in order to secure the hire. The real estate industry needs to get with the times to attract the kind of employees they are looking for. Candidates want benefits and work/life balance, which are typically hard to come by. Investing in benefits for your employees is an inexpensive way to attract and value your employees. Understanding that they need to rest and recharge after hectic days will go a long way in keeping them productive and happy in their roles.

Recruiting: Where are all the candidates?

While we have been finding and interviewing great candidates, there have been many occasions where we then see those candidates drop out at the last minute or get scooped up by another employer. It leaves us wondering: what’s going on?

The latest real estate recruiting trends

As the demand for real estate increased, so did the workload. We have spoken to hundreds of candidates this year, and a lot of the feedback we have received is quite similar. Here is a sampling of what we have been hearing.

Is remote work the future of the real estate industry?

We speak with hundreds of candidates regularly, and our newest and most popular question is: “Can I work from home?” Currently, the answer is more often than not: no. So why is the real estate industry still stuck in the past?

Real estate hiring during the pandemic

The real estate market has shifted and so has the employment supply and demand. Prior to March 2020, it was already a candidate’s market. Fast forward to now and we find ourselves in uncharted waters.

Evolve or face extinction

I have been studying businesses intently to learn from their pitfalls and short-sightedness, seeking to understand why some will soar, while others sink.