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Robert Van Rhijn

Robert Van Rhijn is a Toronto-based Realtor and broker of record at Slate Realty, in the downtown Toronto area. He founded Strata.ca in 2018. It’s a Toronto-based condo website with a focus on easy-to-understand data analytics for consumers.

The best type of condo for investment in Toronto

Condo investments can seem daunting and there’s a plethora of data to consider. So, let’s cut through the jargon and get straight to the facts.

Could a condo building burn down?

I’ve been asked about everything from strange smells in the area to corrupt property managers, but I’ve never been asked “can a condo burn down?” I thought it might be interesting to explore that question.

Greenhouse gases: Condos vs houses

Would someone living in a condo in the suburbs have the same impact on the environment as a resident in a house in the same neighbourhood?

What buyers want in a condo

The Toronto condo market has a staggering number of buildings and projects – just over 1,700 at the end of 2018. How did we determine which condos to rank in the top 10?