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Penn Javdan is a contributing writer for REM.

Working with designers to provide great customer service

Designers shouldn’t simply fade into the background when their designs are complete. They play an equally important role and should co-ordinate with sales reps when marketing or selling a property.

Team building in a real estate brokerage

There is no substitute for the time-tested process of relationships that are formed directly in the workplace. Team building is a child of organizational development.

Key traits of a real estate leader

What is it about some leaders that make others want to work harder under their direction? What makes a good leader in general, and a good real estate leader in particular?

How to build a real estate empire

Smaller brokerages trying to establish a foothold in the real estate market face unique pressures. They must compete with larger, better established brokerages and face all the familiar terrors of a start-up business.

How personality affects leadership

Personality figures prominently in every human interaction. Real estate professionals, builders and project managers are at the forefront of this interaction and it is imperative that they appreciate key leadership styles.
Nelson Goulart

Mississauga Real Estate Board now offers SentriLock lock boxes

This is an important deal, Nelson Goulart says, because the industry is changing and there is a growing concern about traditional lock boxes and their low levels of security.

Nova Scotia introduces mandatory Buyer Brokerage Agreements

Nova Scotia has become the second province in Canada to make Buyer Brokerage Agreements mandatory. Brokerage agreements have been standard practice for sellers, but will now apply to buyers as well.

What every sales rep should know about architectural design

Contrary to popular opinion, architecture and design are not the sole preserve of architects and designers. Real estate professionals can improve their service to clients and enrich their own experiences by focusing on some design issues.

Barbara Lawlor on working with developers to increase sales

We asked Barbara Lawlor, president and CEO of the brokerage, to shed light on the evolving model of co-operation between brokerages and builders.

Single women a growing market force

In our complex, modern world, women may be delaying marriage, but they are no longer waiting to find a significant other before purchasing real estate. In particular, they are zoning in on condos.