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David Greenspan brings today’s ideas to life with fresh energy and over a decade of experience helping Realtors use Keep-in-Touch marketing to build #MindShare. As a speaker and motivator, he pokes, provokes, challenges and makes people laugh.

Listing agents, this is your responsibility

I had a horrible experience this week, when I was sitting in the driveway of a home with my buyers but couldn’t get the listing agent to let us go in.

Why you should use a local Realtor

Jennifer and I had an amazing weekend up north, and while there we started thinking about what properties might be available in that area. It amplified my thoughts on why a local Realtor is so integral for everyone.

3 reasons to always be thinking long term

This whole business is about the long game. Yet when looking for the next deal, too often the focus is on the quick short-term fix.

The hard facts about online leads

. All this talk about online lead generation, this bright shiny object that just delivers business like it’s pizza. The numbers tell the real truth about it all. Watch!

How to handle a listing with multiple offers

We are trying to make this industry a better place, but with all the multiple offer situations going on right now, it’s not good for anyone involved.

Your 2021 social media content strategy

Social media engagement has been trending for a long time and there is no end in sight in 2021. What kind of social media content builds the right type of mindshare? Watch and find out!

5 steps to differentiate yourself

Check out these tips about defining your niche, gaining knowledge, building your brand packaging and how to connect with new clients.

How to support your marketing for ultimate return

To put a roof on a house, we need walls. To put walls up, we need a foundation. To start the foundation, we need footings. Everything needs support.

See it to believe it, and you will achieve it

Thinking about anything is the first step to making it a reality. The next step is to actually take it out of your mind and put it somewhere that you will see it consistently.

Consider this before hiring help for your business

Before you take the leap of bringing someone on to help you live the life you envision for yourself, consider this. Watch the video.