ASR includes ‘personal’ video in program

Ingrid Menninga
Ingrid Menninga

The Association of Saskatchewan Realtors Continuing Professional Development course now includes Jolt Marketing’s “Agent of Change” video about how Realtors are making a big impact on Canadians’ lives everyday.

In a message in the video, Jolt Marketing founder Ingrid Menninga, shares the huge impact Realtors have on people’s lives, “why we’re on the wrong path now (and what we can do about it) and the massive untapped potential Realtors have to make big changes in people’s lives, make a great living, and feel great about what we’re doing.” she says.

“It wasn’t an easy video to create because it’s very personal, but the response I’ve received has been excellent and having organizations such as the ASR include it in the mandatory education shows there’s an appetite for positive change in the industry, and putting the heart back into the real estate profession, while helping Realtors make a great living,” Menninga says.

To view the Agent of Change video visit


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