Where will our children live?

Sure, there’s a niche in building rental units, but that’s no answer to one’s desire to own their own home.

What it means to be a Realtor

Here are my votes for the people who had the greatest impact on the real estate industry during the past 25 years

Where’s the bubble?

Frankly, I’m sick of seeing newspaper headlines about real estate bubbles.

How to stay successful

Last month I vented about why new agents fail. This month, I turn my thoughts to why successful agents continue to remain successful. When I...

Why new agents fail

Too many agents are also coming into the business thinking that they can do it part-time. A few can and do become successful enough to cut the umbilical cord of a monthly paycheque to work at real estate full-time.

Stan Albert talks about estate planning with lawyer Barry Seltzer

Recently I interviewed my old friend Barry Seltzer. Barry has practiced law for over three decades in Toronto in estate planning, estate administration, business succession planning and elder law.

Stan Albert: It’s a gas!

I am annoyed and perturbed that over many years your governments and the preceding ones have seemingly condoned a manner of price fixing.

Stan Albert: My two Thanksgivings

Thanksgiving – a weekend of memories and thoughts of giving back. Once again this year we will be celebrating two Thanksgiving Days – we had...

Stan Albert: How to make a ton of money

Too many people still believe that all you have to do to make a lot of money is get a real estate license.

A short trim and a 30-minute story

It was a great feeling, Joe professed, to own his own home, which he eventually sold for a profit.