You’ll know when you’ve arrived

As long as those status symbols remain important to us, we haven’t mastered that area of our lives

The magic of commitment

I have found over the years that when you commit to a project, whether it is starting a business, a new relationship or learning a new skill, opportunities arise that you ordinarily would not have noticed.

The first million is hardest

I recall the old timers advising me, “It’s just a numbers game – you have to get a certain number of rejections before you’ll get a sale.” Over time, I realized that was not really accurate.

Adapting to change

The trick is getting comfortable with change a little at a time.

The virtue of honour takes a beating

Once upon a time people were motivated by honour. Acquiring it, maintaining it, defending it. Bitter duels were fought in its name. I don’t hear much talk about honour anymore.

Motivating your sales staff

Nothing works quite as long or as powerfully as something hard and shiny with a name engraved on it.

Let your ideas motivate you

Sometimes an idea is so exciting that we can’t leave it alone.

You really can’t judge by first impressions

Sometimes you have to rip the cover off the book

Find the motivation

Find out what is valuable to the person you want to motivate.

The buck starts here

If you ever want to discover the motivation behind an action that appears to be random, backtracking the money trail is frequently a good way to find it.