Real estate listing bloopers are blooming

In spring along with spring showers comes a new crop of real estate listing bloopers! Perhaps my favourite one this month was: “INDROUND POOL.” I hope it’s not a Freudian slip.

It’s the spring real estate blooper market

Well, colleagues, we’re in the busy spring season, which means we’re all rushing around like crazy. The upside of busy-time, of course, is more real estate bloopers for me.

“Threw out the unit” and other real estate bloopers

One of my favourite listing bloopers is this one, which was written in all-caps: “PAINTED PEAKS AND SLATS, CALIFORNIA SHUDDERS.” Now, I know California is an earthquake zone, but I’m not sure that’s much of a selling point.

Another round of real estate bloopers

At times it’s not that there’s anything wrong with the wording in a listing, it just strikes me as funny. For example: "This home has undergone a recent sympathetic renovation."

Even more listing bloopers

Spring has sprung and some real estate salespeople seem to have love on the brain when it comes to their listings - and the resulting listing bloopers. I keep running across properties with “hug decks.”

Listing bloopers: Auto-correct isn’t always your friend

Auto-correct is not always our friend, colleagues, as demonstrated in this new batch of listing bloopers. “This spacious property was formally a bakery.” There is something rather charming about a “formal” bakery, don’t you think?

Listing bloopers cause unintentional giggles

We’ve all done it. Typed the wrong numbers into the wrong space on the listing, hit “send,” and then realized we screwed up. But sometimes we miss the obvious listing bloopers.

Even more real estate bloopers

Here's another roundup of the best real estate bloopers! Oh those errant, missing letters. They can take the best-intentioned real estate listing and turn it into something completely different.

Listing bloopers: Running gardens and heating ducks

Every now and then, a sales rep will try to be eloquent and end up channeling Yoda. Here are a few listing bloopers that had me smiling: “Spacious & bright the open lobby.” “Comfortably spaced is the foyer.” “Open & spacious the great room.”
listing typo

Real estate bloopers: Listing typos and gaffes

The kitchen seems to be a particularly popular room when it comes to real estate bloopers. For example: “The reno’d kitchen offers a large butler’s style panty prep space.” I’m sure the butler appreciates that. It’s always good to have a place to prepare your panties.