Don't be afraid of well-informed millennials

Do you have what it takes to succeed?

The purpose of this article is to empower you and to strengthen your confidence in yourself. When you ask, “Do I have what it takes to succeed?” you will end up with a resounding yes!

How to make sure you get the money you have earned in six steps

You need to establish a working relationship with this client. They need to know that this is a business relationship (not a friendship) and how you work.

7 tips for overcoming the fear of marketing yourself

Haven’t we all been told that those who succeed are aggressive and pushy? Isn’t this why so many people are scared of marketing themselves? They would rather do anything but market themselves.

How to ask for the business

A client told me the other day that she hates "asking for the business." In fact on a deeper look, she confided in me that she doesn’t feel like she deserves to ask for the business.

Watch: Does success require long hard hours?

If you believe that success means you have to work long hard hours, struggle and sacrifice, then you will create that reality. You'll always feel that you never have enough time, and you may feel overwhelmed.

From procrastination to productivity

If you are currently suffering from procrastination, let’s explore why and what you can do about it. You don’t love what you do and you’re not excited about it. Then you’re in a vicious circle.

Overcoming fear of failure: Fear versus faith

Have you ever felt very up about your business one month and very down about it the next? If this happens to you frequently, then you are probably experiencing an inner struggle between your fear and your faith.

Watch: Fear of prospecting – Are you making this big mistake?

I had one client tell me this on our initial meeting, “I'd rather have a root canal than prospect.” If you suffer from this paralyzing fear, what should you do?

How to work just five hours a day: Eliminate self-limiting beliefs

If you really want to cut down on your workload and work just five hours a day, you’ll need help reprogramming your old beliefs that stop you from working smarter, rather than just working harder.
cold calling reluctance

Overcoming your cold call reluctance

If you answered yes to even one of these questions, you most likely suffer from cold call reluctance. This is projecting a negative outcome on an event that has not yet occurred. The reason we do this is usually outside of our awareness.