Disclosure, absolutely. Forms, no! – Opinion

I don’t like the current disclosure forms because they are restrictive and obviously put together by well-meaning committees, but they are limited in their scope.

Dealing with real estate stigma

Stigma can be real or perceived. Once the community knows of a problem, from a murder in the house to a grow-op, the word is out.

56% of Baby Boomers still have a mortgage

Four-in-five Canadian boomers say their next move will be to a smaller home, either to save money (46 per cent) or to enjoy more luxurious features (34 per cent).

Do you have an exit plan?

In most businesses or careers, one thinks about their future and how much money they will need to enjoy their retirement. Not so with real estate agents.

The future is old

Canada faces significant aging of its population as the proportion of seniors increases more rapidly than all other age groups. In 2001, one Canadian...

The Senior Agent: Making money from your home

By Barry Lebow   The following is for those of you who have newsletters. You can reproduce the article but only in its entirety...

Education boundaries for real estate?

I believe that restricting entry into real estate to only those with higher education degrees is elitist, suppressive and discriminatory. As a real estate...

This is not America!

By Barry Lebow Did you hear about that new American reality show on television, Ditch This House?  It is amazing how many Canadians believe the...

How to thrive in today’s market

When you read this, I will have marked my 40th anniversary in the real estate industry. This year will also mark the fifth real...

The King of KaChing and the Chicken Soup man

Brian Tracey, Barry Lebow and Mark Victor Hansen     By Barry Lebow   During my years on national and provincial boards, I always...