The Alberta Real Estate Foundation has partnered with Empower Me, a free program that helps people save energy, save money and increase the comfort and safety of their homes.

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The foundation says many new Canadians find their  home has different heating systems than those used in their home country. Empower Me helps newcomers to better understand their home energy systems, energy bills and other home habits in Alberta, such as curbside recycling, composting, fire safety and water conservation.

The response from those participating in energy savings workshops has been overwhelmingly positive, the foundation says. A Pickardville resident told the foundation,  “We cut our power bill in half this last year. We look forward to ongoing savings and feel good about doing our part to protect our environment.”

A Sherwood Park resident decided to upgrade the insulation in his home after learning more about energy efficiency, it says.

“We’ve heard from our stakeholders that learning about energy efficiency is critical for real estate consumers in Alberta,” says Patti Morris, executive director at the foundation. “Understanding energy efficiency in our homes increases the affordability of home ownership and empowers homeowners new to Alberta. We’re excited to support the real estate industry adopting these best education practices that reflect the diversity of Alberta real estate consumers.”


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