Choosing to waste your time

Why do your own repairs – and poorly – when you can hire an expert to do it well at $35? Don’t waste your time during your peak earning years trying to be an expert at everything and doing it all yourself.
Maintain balance and productivity

You don’t need balance, you need a plan

This idea may seem contradictory to common belief, but don’t let anyone convince you to seek balance between your business, personal and family time. Why? If your life is balanced, you’re spreading yourself thin – and not excelling at anything.
gratitude will make you happy

How gratitude will make you happy

An attitude of appreciation for all your blessings, as meagre as they may be, can manifest in you a sense of innate happiness. When you show appreciation, you’ll attract positive energy. Why? Because you’re in higher spirits. Gratitude will make you happy.
Respect real estate realtor

R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means to you: Respect and public perception

Along with being likable, if not lovable, for an enduring successful career, it helps to not only respect others, but to love and respect yourself as a sovereign power. To be able to professionally influence people, you need honest, ethical power over them. And that power begins with self-respect.
Broadcasting vs narrowcasting

Broadcasting vs Narrowcasting: Is your business about money or people?

Are you about to indulge in bombastic self-promotion with colossal photos and boastful, self-congratulatory slogans plastered everywhere? Or to encourage referrals and repeat clients, do you prefer to maintain a low-key style with regular contact?