The best social media platforms for real estate

Choosing the “right” social media platforms doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Here are the most effective platforms for real estate firms and Realtors alike.

Closing your presentation and getting the deal

A call-to-action is needed during the closing portion of your presentation. It is one thing to deliver an outstanding pitch or presentation, and it is yet another to finalize your words the right way. Follow these three suggestions and get that deal!

The benefits of joining a real estate team

With a team, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. In real estate terms: the value that you can get out of a team outweighs the cost of the commission splits.

Promoting your brand to different markets

There are four basic markets a real estate sales representative may wish to target. Each group requires a slightly different campaign. This allows maximum return on investment when designing a brand campaign.

Slow responses to your emails? Here’s a one-minute fix

What if there was an instant way to build more trust with your customers every time you sent emails? It costs zero and only takes about one minute one time to set up.

Unlock your superpower and watch your career take flight

A person’s superpower is their particular genius – a specific skill that is their secret sauce. You’ll often find that when applying it, they feel more fulfilled and purposeful.

The top 5 online marketing trends for Realtors

The world of online marketing is always changing, and if you aren’t on top of the constant updates, your strategies and tactics can become outdated. Keeping a finger on the pulse of digital marketing trends can be challenging.

Simple offers are the best offers

Have you ever received an offer loaded with unusual or unnecessary terms and conditions? When this happens, does it throw up multiple red flags? It sure does for me!

My fear of video and how I overcame it

Have a fear of video and wondering how to overcome it? I was in that same situation – sweaty palms, feeling very self-conscious, nervous about going on camera.

How to be a rapid responder but still get stuff done

Do I think you should be a rapid responder? Certainly! But within certain limitations that support your overall productivity. Here are a few simple rules that I follow.