A life lesson: When quitting is not an option

We didn’t accomplish success in our business by playing it safe. We had to take risks, hear “no” more than “yes” and stretch ourselves to make things work for us.
Anne Brobyn

Anne Brobyn: Helping clients purchase property abroad

Ontario-based Hibiscus International has carved out a niche in the area of real estate tourism. Company president Anne Brobyn believes it may be the only business of its kind in North America.

25+ questions to ask before investing in real estate abroad

Hibiscus International president Anne Brobyn offers this list of 25+ questions to ask before investing in real estate abroad.

Three ways to kickstart your online marketing for fall

Marketing yourself or your business online is critical. Make sure that you’re easy to find and that the information is up-to-date. Here are three things you should think about.

Make money from your power list: Showing appreciation

Put these systems in place, work them consistently, and you’re going to see results. We promise!

The humility advantage and turning clients into fans

Ironic how admitting up front what you don’t know actually increases your credibility when you make a statement about what you actually believe. The technique itself is easy.

Going to hell and back

Here are three things you can add to your daily schedule if you are struggling and need some business clients.

Make money from your power list: The inner circle, and the “personal call system”

The one place you can make more money from than any other part of your practice is your Power List. You will lose 10 per cent of that asset for every month you don’t follow up.

Winning the listing: List or sell?

To win a listing, hungry, unprepared or unskilled agents sometimes succumb to a homeowner’s demand for what is an improbable sale price and proceed to pray for a miracle. It’s the easiest route, but rarely the wisest.
Buried oil storage tanks are found by using ground penetrating radar devices.

Locating an underground oil tank

Underground oil storage tanks are commonplace in properties across Canada. They were previously used to heat properties but they are now a risk and should be removed.