3 reasons why it pays to be persistent when prospecting

Persistence is the powerful driving force behind accomplishing what you want. The question is, how badly do you want it? Here are the top three reasons why it pays to be persistent.

10 questions to ask before joining a real estate team

Being a real estate agent is often seen as a solitary profession but more and more we are seeing this business model change.

Pros and cons of reverse mortgages

Even for those who have a full understanding of what a mortgage is, the term “reverse mortgage” may be unfamiliar to many Canadians. This article intends to provide the high-level basics.

6 ways to make an apartment look expensive

Making an apartment look expensive before listing it on the market is the smartest piece of advice a Realtor can give to their clients. These six tips should be a go-to for any Realtor who wants to help clients earn more and sell houses faster.

How to think on your toes in any situation

No matter where you are or who it is that is speaking to you, this is how you should handle yourself – and how you can help them get they came for. This is how you always come out on top.

5 non-negotiables for productive time off

I want to help give you back control of your free time without sacrificing your business productivity. Implement these five must-do’s and start enjoying some guilt-free time off while maintaining productive business.

Make your cold calls. They are NOT beneath you!

Do you know how to turn those cold calls into warm calls? How do you motivate your team to close more first appointments, build rapport over the phone and follow up effectively?

Fear of multiple offers syndrome

How often have you heard this? “My clients like the property, but they don’t want to participate in multiple offers.” I’ve had my own clients who suffered from FoMO (fear of multiple offers) syndrome.

A property boundary survey can be priceless

Knowing where your property pins are located and having clearly marked and maintained boundaries is one of the most important parts of land ownership and stewardship.

3 steps to winning your next listing presentation

In this short video I give you three steps that will help you improve and win with your next listing presentation.