Watch: How to protect your commission

It is more important than ever to understand the rules regarding real estate commissions so that you and your clients are protected this year. Here are answers to some common questions I receive related to commissions.

Watch: What must sellers and salespeople disclose?

What do sellers and salespeople need to disclose when selling properties? Mark Weisleder presents some key lessons.

5 ways to avoid closing problems

Here are five ways to avoid closing problems, so that you can protect both yourself and your clients and stay out of legal trouble. Save yourself from a lot of potential headaches on closing.

Watch: 5 things to remember when advertising

When advertising to the general public, here are five lessons to remember to avoid complaints from your fellow real estate professionals, the general public or your provincial regulator.
Yogi Berra (Photo by Martyna Borkowski)

Yogi Berra’s five lessons for real estate investors

Here are five valuable Yogi Berra lessons for real estate investors. Even a Toronto Blue Jays fan can appreciate the work ethic and charm of Yogi Berra, the New York Yankee who passed away recently.

Five reasons to use FINTRAC rules to grow your business

I want you to consider five reasons why following the FINTRAC requirements will not only keep you out of trouble, but will also increase your referrals.

Watch: In Ontario, 5 things to know about Bill 55 and bidding wars

There is already confusion with respect to how real estate brokerages are to comply with Bill 55 and use the new Form 801 in a bidding war. Mark Weisleder outlines 5 things you need to know.

Watch: 5 things to remember about boundary rights

Mark Weisleder presents five things to remember when it comes to boundary rights. There is an expression that good fences make good neighbours. One qualification. Only when the fence happens to be on the correct boundary line.

Be prepared for end-of-month closings

Real estate closing days are already stressful occasions for buyers and sellers. When they are scheduled for the end of a month, particularly a Friday before a long weekend, there are added concerns for both buyers and sellers.

What’s staying behind: Chattels, fixtures and rental items

There is nothing more frustrating than working extremely hard to negotiate and close a real estate deal, only to have the buyer complain afterwards about missing or broken appliances, or onerous terms contained in rental items that were not explained.