Bidding war buyer’s remorse

A major issue arising in bidding wars is when a buyer regrets their purchase decision almost immediately afterwards. Here are five lessons to learn about the consequences of a buyer's remorse in these situations.

Things to remember when reviewing a condominium status certificate

Here are some items I look at and questions I ask when reviewing a status certificate in advance to give the buyers comfort before making their purchase decision.

Could your brokerage survive a FINTRAC audit?

Large fines have been levied against brokerage firms that have not been in compliance at the time of the audit. Here are some questions to ask to see if you are ready in case the FINTRAC auditors come calling.

Deadlines matter in real estate agreements

Time deadlines in real estate deals have never been more important than today. I experienced two deals just before the holidays that confirmed what happens or can happen when you miss a deadline.

Don’t forget about the new home HST rebate

If you or your clients have purchased a new home or condominium in the past two years, you may have an HST rebate coming to you. Here's why.

The return of the financing condition

Now that we have new mortgage rules, it is more important than ever before to include the financing condition in any offer or be otherwise prepared for the consequences.

What you can learn from these 5 deal closing surprises

Here's a lesson to be learned from a funny story: Be wary whenever you smell air freshener throughout the home during an open house. Ask questions and make sure you have the home inspected.

The Competition Tribunal decision: Much ado about nothing?

The long-awaited decision of the Competition Tribunal concerning the dispute between the Competition Bureau and the Toronto Real Estate Board was released early in June. Here’s what you need to know

Will the end of self-regulation in B.C. impact Ontario?

It is wrong to assume that somehow just because the real estate industry is self-regulated, the government is not overseeing what is going on. Will this mean more investigations in Ontario?

5 things to remember when your deal doesn’t close

When deals don’t close, it is important for real estate agents and brokerages to gather the correct information to understand both the rights of your clients and your own right to collect commission.