No need to reinvent the deal

Early in my career I developed a series of systems that made getting and maintaining listings a breeze.

Stop and sell the roses

How do you make your McMansion stand out in that subdivision sea of sameness?

It’s never too late to be the early bird

You can reboot your career. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been doing this. Right now is the perfect time to make some changes.

Real estate, Gangnam style

Even though I was in a country where everything from the language and customs to the culture was foreign, I managed to find a real estate agent that I could trust.

Commission cutting

I want you to ask yourself this simple question: how much am I worth?

A matter of control, part 2

There are times when we simply cannot control what’s going on. We want to stop that loss of control from seeping into other areas of our lives.

A matter of control

Whether the loss of control is our own fault or not doesn’t change the way it feels. It still feels horrible. We’ve all felt it and it is not pleasant.

Making your advertising stand out

Luckily for any agent willing to make the effort, standing out from the blur of real estate advertising isn’t that hard.

Take care of yourself first

I was about six months into my real estate career when things started to spin out of control.

Win the blame game

We’ve all played that game. Every one of us has dealt with clients who made us shake our heads in disbelief.