How to deal with feeling burned out

Every agent I’ve talked to over the past few months is flirting with burnout or is burned out and doesn’t even know it. One Realtor commented, “We’re all maxed out!”

Tips for handling online hate and trolling

If you are a target of online hate, knowing what to do is important for maintaining grace in such situations. Here are some tips for handling online hate and trolling.

Habit-forming routines – the key to creating credibility consistently

Introducing routines into your work-life is a powerful habit-forming technique to ensure you get all your important work done consistently. You can’t just do it sometimes!

Branding for Realtors in 2021

What would you say if a prospect told you they didn’t need a Realtor to list their house because “the market is so strong right now”? The same goes for Realtors that attempt to do all their digital branding and advertising alone.

Considering listing a short-term rental in Toronto? Read this first

In the City of Toronto, the rules around hosting, offering or providing short-term rentals are not as free-wheeling and flexible as they were previously, or as one might hope.

Managing risk for your buyers in multiple offers

While this sellers’ market rages across much of Canada and the U.S., buyers are being challenged to make offers unconditional to be successful in buying property. What could go wrong? A lot.

Business by referral: Teach your clients to market your business

When you provide great customer service, word of mouth referrals are bound to naturally happen. Imagine what will happen when you make a conscious effort to cultivate your existing database.

The hard facts about online leads

. All this talk about online lead generation, this bright shiny object that just delivers business like it’s pizza. The numbers tell the real truth about it all. Watch!

Real estate marketing: Facebook or Instagram?

I’m often asked by Realtors if they should be on Facebook or Instagram or both and the answer is a solid “it depends”.

Cold calls or networking?

The world of social media is rising and expanding. Will you remain a cold calling dinosaur or meet new connections through online introductions and events?