How to generate more real estate leads

A portion of your leads will likely come from your sphere of influence. By staying in touch with past clients and keeping the rapport going, they will hopefully refer you to others who are looking for a real estate agent.

Two strategies to create more balance in your life

Recently I celebrated my 21st wedding anniversary, so in honour of my amazing wife Michelle, here are two strategies I’ve implemented to create more time for her and our kids.

Are you too busy to be productive?

By simply realigning their priorities, managers and brokers can lead their company or department in a way that builds customer and staff loyalty, reduces operating costs, makes more money and serves as a model corporate citizen.

What Realtors tell their clients (and what they actually mean)

This video breaks down some common topics in real estate that almost every agent thinks about at one point or another but might not share or want to admit to clients.

Questions your clients should ask following a home inspection

When booking a home inspection, homeowners and potential homebuyers are typically focused on three main questions: 1) How much will it cost? 2) How long will it take? and 3) What will the inspector be checking?

Time is money and everything needs support

We spend all sorts of time and money marketing our business to drive more business. That said, when we don’t have the right focus, the right strategy, the right plan, converting your efforts becomes next to impossible.

How to become a prospect pick-up artist at open houses

Recently I introduced The Easy-Cool Prospect-to-Client Conversion Method. Here’s how it works in a real-world open house situation.

The power of emotional intelligence in business

The more you believe in who you are, what you do and the value you provide, your conviction will resonate that much more with others. “It all stems from progressive emotional intelligence,” says Vered Lerner.

3 ways to find new business this week

There are always so many options available for where you can find new business. Here are three ideas for finding new business.

The simple home inspection speech

I’ve got a standard pre-inspection speech that I give every buyer client. Keep in mind; this speech is for my local market. Expectations may differ across North America, so take this with a grain of salt.