A property boundary survey can be priceless

Knowing where your property pins are located and having clearly marked and maintained boundaries is one of the most important parts of land ownership and stewardship.

3 steps to winning your next listing presentation

In this short video I give you three steps that will help you improve and win with your next listing presentation.

7 tips for winning in a multiple offer situation

How can you win the bid on a property with multiple offers? Check out these seven tips.

10 ideas to deliver the unexpected to your buyers

For sales and business professionals who truly want to succeed, the only place to operate is in the highest level of value delivery: the unexpected value.

Sales: Just like dating?

How do you handle the first meeting? Treat the process like a first date. On a date, would you give away all the details of your personal history and previous relationship experiences, along with where you expect to be in six months? Hell no!

Top 3 tips to assemble the best hire for your team

You may prefer to work solo for your entire real estate career, while others want to build their business by adding talent. If you’re ready to manage a team, there are a few steps you need to take during the hiring process.

3 ways to maximize your email marketing

What if you could get even more out of your email marketing in three easy steps? How do you reach more people, get more clicks, start more conversations?

What your buyers need to know about radon exposure

Concern regarding radon levels in houses has received renewed interest in the media lately because people are working from home and attending school virtually.

Make yourself the priority: Self-care for Realtors

It’s been a rough year and a half since COVID-19 hit, changing our lives forever. Taking care of clients is even more challenging. But before you can meet your client’s needs, you must take care of your own.

Are prospects playing games or just not ready?

Tracking your efforts is key. Deciphering whether Mr. Prospect is not ready from someone who is playing hard to get will save you time and unwanted agitation. Moreover, some people just don’t know how to say no.