AccessEasyFunds, a Canadian company specializing in real estate commission advances, has streamlined its process for advancing funds to Realtors.

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The company offers same-day commission advances to its clients, but it says the “hodgepodge of different electronic signature software platforms being used by various brokerages and Realtors has slowed the process and created unnecessary additional steps in executing Commission Advance Agreements.” So AccessEasyFunds has introduced a new electronic signature platform. Since its launch, the company says it has provided agents with same-day access on more than $9 billion worth of real estate deals.

The platform allows agents and their brokerages to sign the commission purchase agreement directly from their email inboxes on any device, including mobile phones and tablets. This eliminates the tedious technical steps sometimes involved in getting the agreement uploaded into the multitude of platforms in use, the company says.

“We all know that there are fewer real estate transactions happening at the moment as a result of COVID-19,” says Larry Weltman, customer service representative at AccessEasyFunds. “While we are all trying to stay safe during this unprecedented pandemic, many Realtors depend on their commission in order to be able to pay their team and expenses. With banks having shortened hours, real estate brokerages being closed or working remotely and lawyers and conveyancers working from home, the process for Realtors to receive their commission is now longer than ever. AccessEasyFunds’ new electronic signature service allows Realtors to receive their commission even quicker, which will allow them to keep their teams running efficiently.”


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