In June 2018, the rules of real estate changed in British Columbia. The ensuing aftermath caused confusion among consumers and licensees as the rollout progressed. The chaos made me to reflect on the essence of agency and a Realtor’s life.

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I am a Realtor
And I give you my life
I begin working for you
On a promise
A promise to do my best
To be honest
To be truthful
A promise
To value your property
To show it
To sell it
This is not my right
It is my privilege
To serve you at the highest level
Requires constant professional education
It requires me to grow
You trust me to be a professional
So I promise to put your needs above my own
If I am honest about this
There are holidays missed
Birthdays, not taken
Celebrations, shortened
Personal time, sacrificed
That is the price I pay
For the service I commit to deliver
You trust me to be a professional
So I put your needs above my own
This is not my punishment
It is my privilege
I am a Realtor
And I give you my life


  1. These words reflect the attitude of an advocate, and not of the stereotypical commissioned salesperson. These words reflect the inner sanctum of a conscientious person’s psyche. These words should be required memorization by all who successfully transition from real estate university to the trenches via a final exam demand. Can’t recite it faithfully pre employment at the drop of a hat? Y’er fired before you even get started. This would be one mode of indoctrination that I could agree with. Every weekly office sales meeting should begin with a communal recitation of these words.

    Thanks Victor for offering up your transparent attitude and also for your willingness to put yourself out there in a sea amongst money-grubbing flotsam, and thanks Jim for posting these, Victor’s, words of wisdom and direction.

    Love the succinct lead-in to the poem. Doesn’t sound like a fast-talking, back-slapping, hand-pumping, jokester-style salesman with little substance but lots of learned mercenary style to me. Bullshit too often baffles brains. No bullshit here.


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