Mark Winter, director of agent development for Macdonald Realty in Vancouver, recently released a new book, A Different Conversation: Realizing Your Potential as a Real Estate Agent. Winter’s vision is to elevate the professional performance of real estate agents and reframe how they interact with clients through the fundamentals of professional coaching, enhancing the role that real estate agents play, says the company in a news release.

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A Different Conversation by Mark Winter
A Different Conversation by Mark Winter

“There is a lot of positive focus in our industry on coaching agents in their businesses, but what happens if agents are able to coach their clients?” says Winter. “Think about how many journeys that start between real estate agents and their clients that actually fail to reach the finish line together. In many cases, it is not expertise that is missing, it is connection and partnership.”

Winter says, “Professional coaching is based around asking probing questions that deliver powerful insights which both parties understand together. People today are very tuned in to know what an authentic conversation is – and what it is not. I believe that some real estate agents do themselves and our industry a disservice by walking in as the expert with all the answers and sometimes failing to ask the right questions. The opportunity to become a critical thinking partner with their clients is massive.”

Winter’s book shifts the spotlight away from agents and that feeling of having to always be the provider of solutions. Readers will learn how to detach from a presentation-led mentality and build lasting value by shining an empowering light on their clients, the company says.

Winter earned a Certificate in Organizational Coaching from the University of British Columbia in 2015 and his Professional Certified Coach designation from the International Coach Federation in 2016.  A 27-year veteran of the real estate brokerage business in Vancouver, Winter teaches a six-week real estate course called Performance Elevation based on coaching competencies and philosophies.

The book is available in ebook and paperback from Amazon, Chapters and Barnes & Noble.


  1. I congratulate you Mark on bringing a fresh perspective to all the hardworking agents who are out there trying to do their best for their customers. This approach more intentionally brings the customer into the partnership and together everyone feels heard and respected…and…ultimately everyone can achieve their goals. Love it.


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